Full scale brightness adjustment for any kind of lighting.


    Rechargeable battery that charges in less than three hours and lasts up to eight hours on the brightest setting.


    The weather out on the range or while hunting can be unpredictable, so in case of rain our sight lights are 100%  weather resistant.


    Eight programmable time setting for optimal balance of lighting brightness and battery life. 


    Sight lights will come with all you need to attach it to 98% of the sights/scopes on the market. 


    Change your pin color to red, green or blue with an easy button press sequence.


How do I program the amount of time my Zbros Sight Light stays on?

To enter the TIME CHANGE programing mode press and hold the ON/Off  button for 3 seconds. A solid blue LED light will turn on for 2 seconds.

The green status LED light will flash rapidly to indicate the time program setting is active, then it will pause. Then there will be a longer pause to indicate which program setting is currently active.  To adjust the settings press the up or down buttons to increase or decrease the number of flashes.

1 FLASH  - 1 minute

2 FLASHES- 2.5 minutes

3 FLASHES- 5 minutes

4 FLASHES- 10 minutes

5 FLASHES- 15 minutes

6 FLASHES- 30 minutes

7 FLASHES- 45 minutes

8 FLASHES- 60 minutes

Press and hold the ON/OFF to exit the programing mode, the green status LED will flash 3 times indication you are exiting the program mode.

How do I change the LED color?

This feature is only available on for the EVOLUTION MODEL

To enter the COLOR CHANGE programing mode press and hold the ON/OFF  button AND the (+) button at the same time for 2 seconds.

To select a color, press the +/-button until you see your desired color. Then hold the ON/OFF button for 2 seconds to exit the color program mode.

When you turn your unit back on the color you selected will be displayed on your LED housing.

What fiber should I use?

If you're wanting to use all three LED colors we have available (RED, GREEN & BLUE) we recommend using a clear fiber (available in our store). A clear fiber will allow each color to be displayed in it's true color and brightest intensity. Keep in mind clear fiber should only be used with a sight light because it does not pick up ambient light.

Blue fiber is also a great option to used with all three LED colors and can pick up ambient light.

Otherwise it's really what you feel works best for you! 

How often should I charge my Zbros Sight Light?

When your battery is low, the battery icon on your unit will pulse on the low 3 times and your status LED will turn red. At this time charge your unit for a minimum of 3 hours or over night. When your unit is fully charged the battery icon will be a solid green color.

If you are not using your unit on a regular basis we suggest you fully charge your unit before storage. Please note you will still need to charge your unit once a month, here's why:

Lithium Polymer batteries are designed to be used. When they sit for long periods they build up internal resistance. After a while the pack will develop dead spots. At this point the pack can puff on the shelf, during the next charge, or on its next use. So how do you avoid this? Cycling (charging and discharging) your packs if they are not being used will keep your cells fresh and your unit working. You should cycle your pack once a month if you do not use it often. If you are not going to use you unit for a while set a reminder to cycle your unit once a month on your smart phone.

How long will my battery last on a FULL charge?

Your battery will last 8 hours on the brightest setting.

For example: The unit's stock time setting is set to a duration of 5 minutes. than means you can turn the unit on 96 times before you need to recharge.

What is the life span of my battery?

The general life span of your battery is about 2.5 years but there are some factors that will shorten that lifespan 

- Not practicing recommend battery practices, see here

- Extreme temperatures

- Extreme altitude

- Excessive moisture

-Physical damage  

Which adapter do I need for my sight?

Our kits include most standard adapters to fit 98% of the sights on the market. But here is the break down of the most popular sights on the market right now and what adapters you should use:

1/4-28 - CBE multi pin, Fuse, Extreme, some new HHA

3/8-32 - Axcel multi pin, Axcel scopes, Spot Hogg, HHA, Trophy Ridge and most hunting sights

8-32 - Shrewd scopes, Bow Finger scope

No thread - CBE scopes, Sure-Loc, Viper and any scope that doesn't accept a threaded adapter

Axcel Scopes will require and Axcel Yolk tube- not included with our kits but available for purchase in our store

What is covered under Warranty?

Click here to see what is covered under our Limited Warranty and how to submit a Warranty repair claim. 

How Can I Contact you?

You can contact us many ways. 

Facbook Page:  Zbros Archery




Phone:  830.998.9276