Recommended Battery Care

When your battery is low, the battery icon on your unit will pulse on the low 3 times and your status LED will turn red. At this time charge your unit for a minimum of 3 hours or over night. When your unit is fully charged the battery icon will be a solid green color.


If you are not using your unit on a regular basis we suggest you fully charge your unit before storage. Please note you will still need to charge your unit once a month, here's why:

Lithium Polymer batteries are designed to be used. When they sit for long periods they build up internal resistance. After a while the pack will develop dead spots. At this point the pack can puff on the shelf, during the next charge, or on its next use. So how do you avoid this? Cycling (charging and discharging) your packs if they are not being used will keep your cells fresh and your unit working. You should cycle your pack once a month if you do not use it often. If you are not going to use you unit for a while set a reminder to cycle your unit once a month on your smart phone.